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June 30th 2009: NDG Entertainment Presents: Summer Fest 09, 10 Bands 1 night. more info

June 30th 2009: As One, The Hipnotics, The Beaver Tales and Top Johnny @ Bar St Laurent2.  more info

June 22nd 2009: The Wax Buckets, Slater's Sons, Les Grands Nichons, Suburban Lame Kids. more info

June 16th 2009: Dukes on the rush, Stereo Hotbox, The4Heads, Soar to new heights @ Bar St Laurent2. more info

June 15th 2009: Special Ops, Ashtray and Blindfold @ Bar La Magog. more info

June 11th 2009: Rigamarole, Lazy WorkForce, National Midnight, The Index @ Bar St Laurent2. more info

May 28th 2009: No Pressure, Shiv, From Glory To Failure, Ammonia@ Bar St Laurent2. more info

May 19 2009: Monroe, Modeen and SureFire Machine(Toronto) playing Bar St Laurent2, News page 4 more info.

April 14 2009: Special Ops in Ottawa, April 17th 2009.

April 13 2009: Forusofus, Born to Ashes, Nick fall from the roof & Genesis of Prophecy show. Check out the news.

April 06 2009: Shyna, Monroe, and The Hipnotics Live April 11 2009, More info on the News Page.

March 30 2009: Concert footage and Interview with The Wax Buckets up on Band Reviews.

March 29 2009: NYX, A Thosand Cures, and The Hipnotics Live April 04 2009, more info on news page.

March 25 2009: Concert footage and Interview with the band Sule is now up in Band Reviews.

March 24 2009: Special Ops and Sule to play Woodstock Canada. For more info head over to the news page.

March 24 2009: New Special Ops Tour dates posted up. Check them out!

March 23 2009: Up and coming events, and Special Ops News

  1. Morphine FX, Seized by force and The wax buckets show March 28 2009, More info on the news page
  2. While Special Ops web site under goes some new changes, you can find their up coming tour dates here, just visite the Special Ops page for where the band will be heading out and if they'll be in a city near you.

March 16 2009: Sule, The Shammys and If Only show March 21 2009, check out news page for more info.

March 13 2009: Special Ops to do Concert at Cafe Campus. For more info check out our News page. 

March 12 2009: Check out the Up coming events pages to find out who will be playing next and where.

 NDG Ententainment is a Indie Label specialising in event and artist management company, we also deal with independent artists and bands who are looking to outsource. Services offered: Tour Bookings and Publicity, Event & Artist Management, Bookings, Merchandising, Duplication, Distribution, Recording studios, Producers, Radio and press Promotion.

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