Abe Froman - Vocals, Akbar Johnson- Guitar/Vocals, Waldo Thornhill - Bass, and Clarence McGillacutty - Drums

Special Ops, is one of the best Metal/Rock bands to ever come out of Montreal, Canada. If you haven't heard of them, then you should. This band will suck you in with their every whisper, scream and crazy eyed look. They'll keep you wanting more.

 There are no words to describe the feeling you get from this 4 piece, dual singing metal band. Vocalist Abe Froman brings all he can to the stage in his own special way, and gives the crowd the energy they came for. While Guitarist/vocalist Akbar Johnson stares you down with his crazy eyes and mean declarations. Bassist Waldo Thornhill is a gift all on his own always hitting the right cord and making you feel at ease. Whereas, Drummer Clarence McGillacutty beats the heart right out of your chest with his powerful playing. Special ops has the force to make the audience go wild and pleading for more.

Don't miss them in concert this May 9th 2009. At Cafe Campus where Special Ops will be joined by Ashtray and Plight to steal the heart of Montreals metal fans once again.

Check them out on the web at www.myspace.com/opsmission and www.opsmission.com


Posted By: Madam T


April 17 2009: The Boofs in Ottawa

May 09 2009: Cafe Campus in Montreal

June 12 2009: Bar Chez Sam in Bromont (near granby)

June 19 2009: Bar Le Magog in Sherbrooke

June 20 2009: Bar Le Transit in Chicoutimi

Special Ops playing Woodstock Canada, Dates to come soon! (July 31, to August 2nd 2009)

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