The Wax Buckets Live March 28 2009, Interview and live footage. Bar St Laurent2, Montreal Quebec

The Wax buckets, with their mixture of ska, punk and funk. This 7 piece band will make you want to jump out of your seats, and move to the beat.

Their display of humour on stage makes you feel like the sun hitting your face on a rainy day, and leaves you smiling.

Members are:

JM on guitar and back-vocals,

Jen on drums,

 Mick lead vocals,

 Mel on Alto sax and clarinet,

Aurélien on alto/soprano sax and trombone,

Guillaume on trumpet

Nick on Bass.


Interview was taken outside of Bar St Laurent on March 28 2009, Interview and Footage taken by: Madam T NDGentertainmentProductions


Sule Live March 21 2009, Interview and live footage. Bar St Laurent2, Montreal Quebec 


I had the pleasure of working and Interviewing with the band Sule (Soo-Lay) on March 21 2009. Not only do they know how to get the crowd moving but they are also very friendly and good humoured. Concert footage is a cover song by The Fugees, Ready or not. And I have to admit they did a great job. Sule and the modern day kings have a remarkable stage energy; that makes the crowd want more.

 With their different form of soul and rock combined into one they make you feel the heat of the south with their music. You can compare their sounds to the music of Ben Harper, and sometimes Lenny Kravis. Just don’t tell Sule that.

Interview was taken place at Bar St Laurent2, on March 21 2009, in Montreal Quebec. Interviewed By: Madam T

Interview with The Shammys, March 21 2009. Bar St Laurent2, Montreal, Quebec

Review and live footage coming soon. 

Interview with If Only, March 21 2009. Bar St Laurent2. Montreal, Quebec

Review and Footage coming soon.

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